Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today we discovered Deborahs Phoenix Pendant and jumped directly into begin to see the newest motivational choices at the entire year of jewellery task. we *loved* the appearance of the square square rock using the netted limit. I'd some kind of basic-ish agate tongues such as this and we just couldnt determine how to proceed with them to truly save my entire life do but Ive been itching to create *something* with them. We realized what we desired to do with these agate tongues when we noticed Debs necklace. I'd actually experimented with this netting concept in the first YOJ task, week forty-nine with only a smooth tumbled bit of Montana Agate. Our method is truly simple when compared with what Ive seen since Eni produced a tut for that netted best drilled beans on offer orbriolettes. We assumed we might actually do better this time around and that utilizing a drilled bead might allow it to be only a little easier on myself. Actually though, I believe my first attempt may have been at-least only a little much better than that one even though it'd somewhat of an awkward start. Perhaps I ought to decline the Dollar and get Enis tut to simply help me perfect my netting abilities? Obviously only a little exercise might be so as, right? lol

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